Bellatrix Black (aimingforstars) wrote in midnight__clear,
Bellatrix Black

Memory Log: Bellatrix and Rodolphus

Who: ickle!Bella and ickle!Dolph
When: September 1st, 1970 right after the feast
Where: Slytherin Commonroom
Warnings: G, none

Bellatrix had only been gone for a little while, and she was already homesick. She missed her parents, sisters, even her cousins that had been only a floo visit away before. At least her family would be happy she was put into the right house, she thought as she looked around. She didn't know anyone else there, and for a few seconds she wished she wasn't the oldest. Then she reminded herself it was rather girly to worry about such things and pushed it from her mind. Her eyes fell upon a boy she recognised from the sorting, another first year, and she went to sit by him on the sofa.

Rodolphus played with the corners of his book, planning a letter describing his Sorting to his brother. When the Black girl sat down next to him he shifted as far away as he could. He glanced around, realizing that no one else was paying them any attention, and he looked back at her. "...Hello...."

Bellatrix frowned a little when he shifted away, wondering what she'd done to offend him. She'd only just sat down after all. But he finally spoke, so maybe the boy was just shy? Or perhaps he just missed home as well. "Hello. You're... Rodolphus, right? I'm Bella... trix." She paused a few seconds before adding the last syllable of her name, unsure if she wanted anyone else to use the name her sisters and cousins used for her or not.

"Yes, I'm Rodolphus," he answered, glancing at her. "And you’re the eldest Black daughter? My uncle talks about your family a lot." Talked about them enough that Rodolphus was a bit intimidated, especially if this Bellatrix was anything like what her aunt was

"Does he? I suppose we are pretty important. But, yes, I'm the oldest. Of all the children actually. I miss them all already. I can barely wait until the holidays." Bellatrix pulled at her tie which felt so foreign around her neck. "I remember hearing about your parents, overheard Father and my uncle talking about what happened."

"Yes," Rodolphus answered with a calm demeanor. "It was horrid. My uncle was kind enough to take us in...." He frowned, looking down at his book again. "I miss my brother, too."

Bellatrix weaved the tie in and out of her fingers, unable to stop fidgeting. She wished she was at home with Andromeda and Narcissa.

"He's about two years younger," Rodolphus answered, turning the book over in his hands. "It already feels like it will be an eternity until he's here...."

"Andromeda and Sirius will be here next year, at least. Narcissa and Regulus won't be here until the year after." At least she'd have some of her family earlier than he'd have his, it could be worse. Bellatrix shoved her hair behind her ears and looked down at the book Rodolphus had been toying with. "What are you reading?"

He glanced up at her, then back down. "It's a play, called No Exit," Rodolphus replied, feeling more awkward than he ever liked to.

Bellatrix frowned, wishing she could get him to talk just a little bit more than this. The conversation felt a lot more one sided than she was used to. "I don't think I've read it before. What's it about?"

"Hell is other people." Rodolphus blinked then glanced at her, a slight smile on his lips. "That's what it's about, I mean. That's the basis for it."

Bellatrix wondered, before he explained himself, if that had been his way of telling her to leave him alone, but relaxed when he smiled. "If the author wanted to be alone enough to write a play about it, you have to wonder how it managed to get on stage."

"It's brilliant, he's brilliant," Rodolphus said, frowning at her, taking offense that anyone would insult his favourite philosopher. He was realized as he watched some of the other boys, one of them obviously a Malfoy, walking towards their room. "I should go, the others are getting settled."

Bellatrix blinked at him, wondering just what she'd said wrong. "I obviously wouldn't know, because I haven't read it before. If I had, I wouldn't have asked about it." How could she have been insulting what she'd never heard of before, after all? "I probably should, too. I have... quite a few owls to send."

"Yes, right, so do I, at that," Rodolphus replied, standing and sketching a shallow bow, walking off towards the boy's rooms and resisting the urge to look back at the girl.
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