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you're still young, you have your entire life before you

Who Sirius and Rodolphus, memory RP
Where Woods outside of Rodolphus' home
When Summer 1975, Sirius is 14 and 3/4, Rodolphus is 15
Rating/Warnings Light R - smoking and experimentation

Sirius kicked up some mud, fingering the packet of cigarettes in his pocket as he walked, wondering what Rodolphus would say if he just took one out and started smoking in front of him. He had picked up the muggle habit last term when he and James had found a half empty packet in Hogsmeade. What became an innocent experimentation quickly progressed for Sirius into an addiction, and he found himself buying two more packets every trip to Hogsmeade to feed his craving.

Rodolphus peeked around the tree he had just turned at, looking back at Sirius and wondering at his mood. His gaze followed the younger boy's arm to his hand inside his pocket, noticing its movement there. He glanced up at the sky, taking in the gloomy mood of the day and knowing that if they didn't make their trip interesting, nothing would. "What's in your pocket?"

“The meaning of life,” Sirius muttered sarcastically, before grinning. “C’mere, I want to show you something.” He stopped in his tracks, swinging his leg over a flat log that was wedged in the leafy earth between two large birch trees, Doc Marten boots (the ones his mother despised that James had bought for him in muggle London) snapping dead twigs as he sat down and pulled the packet of wizard style menthol cigarettes from his jacket pocket.

Rodolphus immediately moved towards the log, sitting down and leaning back against one of the nearby trees. "Are those...?" He frowned at the object, knowing only enough about cigarettes to know they were unforgivably muggle.

“Cigarettes? Yes,” Sirius replied with a roguish grin, sliding open the cardboard box and pulling one of the (still rather peculiar even after all this time) white, papery sticks, slipping it between his lips. The end immediately sparked and lighted - smoke puffing out into the air from Sirius’ mouth. “Oh, don’t look so shocked, Rodolphus,” he muttered, blowing out the smoke to the side, taking another drag and smirking - the smoke spilling slowly from his nostrils as he did so.

"Another sign of Gryffindor corruption?" Rodolphus asked, a question he asked often when faced with his friend, and one he never expected an answer to. He leaned closer, steadying the cylinder, the ash, the smoke, as if it was the subject of an essay and not simply one of Sirius' hobbies. "Why do you have them?"

Rolling his eyes at Rodolphus’ first comment, words Sirius was used to by now - enough so that they did not anger him - Sirius shifted forward to let the Slytherin have a better look. “I’m not sure, really,” he said, taking another quick drag, “It was all meant to be a bit of fun when me and James tried them but I… couldn’t stop. I think I might be addicted.” He shrugged. “But I don’t particularly mind, like. They make me feel quite… nice. I dunno. Relaxed. In the ‘groove’, you know? Besides,” he said with a smug smirk, “They’re sexy.”

Rodolphus smirked, leaning back and taking in the figure of Sirius, smoking. "Hm...They actually might be. Too bad you're the one smoking, that cuts their sex appeal down." He wondered how Sirius could allow himself to get addicted to such a thing, but, knowing the Gryffindor, he probably liked the very idea of being addicted because it wasn't 'proper'

Sirius smiled sarcastically, pulling a face and rolling his eyes. “I happen to be incredibly sexy, thank you very much.” Not that he had done anything with this particular fact, or so James kept reminding him. Apparently girls were falling over themselves to ask him out, but he had yet to see one ask him to his face. Besides, he was more interested in hassling Snivellus and pulling pranks to be worrying about the opposite sex.

Rodolphus lowered his eyes, having thought that exact thing himself a few times over this most recent visit by Sirius. It had caught him by surprise, that his friend had, well, grown up. Trying to distract himself he reached for the packet, pulling out a cigarette and rolling it around in his fingers, sniffing it delicately.

“Don’t get it too close to your mouth, there, mate,” Sirius said, sitting forward, his own cigarette dangling from his lips as he talked.” He lifted a hesitant hand. “Might light up, don’t want to burn yourself.”

Snorting, Rodolphus pulled it farther away from his mouth. "I'm not an idiot, Siri," he commented, shooting a glance to see how Sirius had it in his mouth before putting it to his own, a challenging look in his eyes. Almost as soon as it touched his lips he saw the small flash of it lighting and, remembering what Sirius had done, breathed in, flinching at the harsh feel of the smoke. "Well," he said, as he huffed out the hot air from his lungs, "this doesn't feel sexy."

“Give it a bit of time,” Sirius said encouragingly, nudging his knee against the older boy’s. “And don’t get a fright if you get a bit dizzy at first - that’s supposed to happen. You get used to it,” he took a pull of his cigarette, white smoke curling from his lips as he spoke almost covertly, “And then… it begins to feel good.” He grinned. “Or bad, depending on which way you look at it…”

Rodolphus looked heavenward at Sirius' attitude, but continued to take drags from the stick of paper. "Anything involving you is 'bad' if you ask the people I'm supposed to listen to," he replied, both of them knowing his time with Sirius was one of the few times he was anything but the perfect pureblood.

“Why, thank you,” Sirius said, placing a hand on his heart, cigarette perched low between his index and forefinger, “I’m flattered.” He sniggered, leaning back on the fallen tree and crossing his legs at the ankles, dirty books unlaced and tucked randomly over his muggle style jeans.

"You would be," Rodolphus sneered back, playfully. He held the cigarette in his hand in the exact way Sirius did, his free hand running over the other boy's jeans. The texture had always interested him and it offered an excuse to touch Sirius.

Sirius shook his leg irritably, but putting no real effort into the movement. “What’re you, my mother?” he asked, then paused, quirking an eyebrow, “Er, no. She wouldn’t dare touch me with a rusted old barge pole. So er, what’re you, my house elf?”

Rodolphus pulled his hand back, quickly, glaring at the other boy. "Do I look like that nasty thing? And here I thought these cigarettes were supposed to make me look sexy." He gave a mock-pout and leaned back against the tree.

“Oh, calm down, you big, nancy tosspot,” Sirius sighed, pressing the heel of his boot against Rodolphus’ knee, pushing it slightly. “I was kidding. And yes, they do, but not as sexy as I.” He accentuated this by taking a long drag and puffing out a ring of smoke, a trick he had learned after three whole packs of fags and about four jugs of water. Not to mention complaints from the other marauders that the dormitory ceiling was bound to be getting yellow stains.

"My, but I love how you can insult me and compliment yourself in the same breath." Rodolphus moved his leg out of Sirius' reach, eyes watching the ring of smoke move into the air. "Exactly how long did it take you to learn how to do that? And how much of your homework didn't you do while trying to learn?" He smirked at his friend, taking another breath through the cigarette and deciding that if Sirius could, then he most certainly was capable of standing some muggle drug. This was something he could share in common with Sirius that he wouldn't have to worry about his uncle finding, after all. No one the two of them ever came out this far into the forest.

“Always thinking about homework,” Sirius sighed fondly, shaking his head. “It didn’t take… that long. Impressive, no?” He sat back up, shifting up the log so their knees were touching once again. “Looks like you’re getting used to it,” he commented, stubbing out his finished cigarette on the bark.

"Never thinking about homework," Rodolphus sighed in an exact copy of Sirius. "Yes, quite impressive. Perhaps when I finally admit to having a complete lack of a social life I can figure out how you go about doing that." He took a few more puffs before pressing the lit end of his cigarette against the log and grinding it against the bark in an imitation of Sirius' action once more. "Now we both smell awful," he complained, leaning closer to Sirius and breathing into his face. "This isn't sexy, either."

“Again, it’s something you get used to,” Sirius replied with a simple shrug of his shoulder, not moving away even as his friend moved right up into his face. Tucking a strand of his hair- that had gotten considerably long over the term - behind his ear, Sirius’ lips tugged at the corner, satisfied and quite pleased with himself that he had lured Rodolphus over to the ‘dark, rather smoky side’.

"You and that Potter seem quite close." Rodolphus kept himself in the same picture, not moving any closer but not moving away from Sirius, either. There was an ongoing joke going through Slytherin about that closeness between the two Gryffindors, one that Rodolphus was embarrassed to say he could neither confirm nor deny.

“Yeah, so?” Sirius said, brow furrowing in confusion. “We’re best friends, what d’you expect?”

Rodolphus laughed. "Sometimes you can be so naive, Siri."

Sirius’ frown deepened, but he did not move away. His hands, however, shot forward, gripping onto the bark in the diamond shaped space between their legs. “What do you mean by that?” he asked, anger suffusing his tone.

Rodolphus jumped, slightly, as Sirius' hand moved. "I'm only saying that I wasn't referring to friendship."

“We’re friends,” Sirius said through gritted teeth, angry and revolted at the thought of other people suggesting otherwise. “Nothing more, nothing less. I love James like a brother, not like-… not that way.”

Shrugging, Rodolphus leaned away, eyes still flickering to Sirius' hand. "Ah, I meant no offense." He stared into Sirius' eyes for a moment, curious, "Is there someone you care for in that way?"

“No,” Sirius replied immediately, tense shoulders immediately relaxing.

Rodolphus nodded. "You're still young, you have your entire life before you." Sirius had complained from the beginning about Rodolphus' maturity, so he couldn't help but bring it up at every chance he got.

Sirius snorted, nudging at Rodolphus’ knee. “Don’t fuck with fate, mate,” he said casually. “Is there someone you care for in that way?” he asked, retuning the boy’s question with a slightly impish grin.

"Well, Augustus has his moments, but I fear he's far too...stoic...for such things." Rodolphus nudged Sirius' knee back. "So, the answer would be 'no'."

Well, at least that confirmed Sirius’ wonderings on whether or not Rodolphus was the kind of bloke to fancy other boys. He was still unsure on that - sometimes one of his friends (Remus, he found, in particular) would say or do something that would make him curious, but then other times he just dismissed it for hormones and the fact that he shared a room with three other boys. He smirked, nudging Rodolphus’ knee back, enjoying the brief game of tag with their legs.

Rodolphus nudged Sirius' knee back, then reached down and caught the other boy's leg before he could reciprocate. "You are so annoying," he murmured, no heat to his words.

Sirius fluttered his eyelashes. “Again, I’m flattered,” he crooned, immediately placing his hand on top of the other boy’s in attempt to pull it off his leg.

Rodolphus turned his hand over and grasped Sirius', using it to pull him towards him and leaning back himself. As he sprawled backwards on the ground, Sirius on top of him, he realized he hadn't thought the move out very well. He gave a nervous laugh. "Whoops."

Sirius landed with an ‘oomph!’ on top of the other boy, legs bent at the knees in the air, free hand landing beside the other boy’s head. “Clumsy git,” he muttered quietly, looking closely at the other boy, but making no attempt at moving from his current position.

"You always complain that I'm not spontaneous enough," Rodolphus countered, shifting into a more comfortable position when it was clear Sirius wasn't planning on getting off of him.

Snorting, Sirius shrugged and nodded, both movements quick, before resuming a blank expression. He narrowed his eyes - this was… strange. He didn’t know whether he liked it or not, but when the other boy wriggled underneath him, he felt an odd sensation in the pit of his stomach. Reaching out without thinking, he brushed the other boy’s hair out of his eyes, fingers lingering on his temple. After a second, Sirius’ eyes widened slightly and he flushed, struggling as he attempted to sit up again.

Rodolphus moved his hands up and gripped Sirius' shoulders, holding him in place. "Shh," Rodolphus whispered, not quite sure what was happening, but knowing he didn't want Sirius reacting so unfavourably towards it.

“What’re you doing?” Sirius mumbled, eyes wide, face burning. He was right back where he was - lying on top of the older boy, t-shirt covered chest pressing against Rodolphus’ robed one - and their faces were a little too close for comfort.

"I...don't know." Rodolphus moved one of his hands up, sifting fingers through Sirius' hair, and pressed down on his head until their lips were just touching. "I don't know."

Sirius’ first reaction would have been to pull away, but it never came. He felt the other boy’s lips brush against his as he talked, and it was an odd sensation. He had never kissed another boy before. He had never really kissed a girl before, either, unless he counted Heather whats-her-face from two Christmas’ ago in his second year, during a rather dull game of spin the butterbeer bottle. He opened his mouth to say something, but ended up closing it again, eyelids slowly fluttering shut as he carefully pressed their closed mouths together.

Rodolphus had kissed people before, but never one he had any real feelings for. Sirius wasn't just someone he could have fun with, Sirius was one of his few true friends, even if time and their beliefs were pulling them apart. He moved his lips against the younger boy's, eyes smirking as he realized he finally had a way to shut him up.

Still a little unnerved about what was going on, Sirius hesitantly moved his lips against Rodolphus’, tasting cigarettes and something else he couldn’t quite decipher. He didn’t know whether to open his mouth, like he had seen some of the couples around Hogwarts do - but eventually decided not to in case he got it wrong. He didn’t want Rodolphus to think he had never even kissed properly before!

Rodolphus opened his lips, slightly, hesitant incase he was too bold. His hand still in Sirius' hair began to caress the other boy's scalp, while the hand on Sirius' shoulder stayed clenched there, Rodolphus not sure what he should do with it.

Despite himself, Sirius opened his lips along with Rodolphus, resisting the urge to pull back as their teeth briefly clacked together. Bypassing this, he carefully touched the tip of his tongue into Rodolphus’ mouth, wondering how the other boy would react.

Rodolphus' hands tightened on Sirius as he felt the touch of the younger boy's tongue. He sucked lightly on the muscle before swiping at it with his own tongue.

Relieved that the other boy didn’t push him away, Sirius shifted forward slightly, both hands sliding up to brace Rodolphus’ neck as he opened his mouth further, pushing his tongue further between the other boy’s lips, settling down on top of him so that long leg fell between Rodolphus’, the other by his side.

Rodolphus bent the leg between Sirius' thighs, brushing it against the other boy's groin, knowing it was the next natural step. He continued the kiss, but let Sirius take control of it, more focused on what was happening with the rest of their bodies.

Sirius tensed slightly, before groaning and pressing his hips down, rubbing himself against the other boy’s thigh as he broke away from his lips for breath. Resting his forehead against Rodolphus’, he kept his eyes closed, licking his own lips between pants, frowning in concentration as he attempted to rub his own thigh firmly against Rodolphus’ groin.

Rodolphus bit his lip in an attempt to keep from letting out a pleasured noise. He pushed up into Sirius, squirming against him. This was exciting, as exciting as smoking or even being seen with Sirius in public was, it was something he knew he shouldn't be doing, but it felt so good. "Merlin, Sirius," he murmured.

Muttering something unintelligible, Sirius pressed back further, the intense burning sensation shooting straight to his head. “Fuck,” he cursed sharply, pressing his lips against the other boy’s, before experimentally sliding them down his jaw and to his throat, sucking curiously at the skin there.

Rodolphus arched his neck into Sirius' mouth, exposing more of the skin their to the other boy as they continued rocking into each other's thighs, his own grinding up into Sirius' crotch. Both of his hands went to Sirius' hair, now, holding his mouth in place when it touched a particularly sensitive piece of skin.

Trying to concentrate on keeping his mouth going at the same time, Sirius slid his hand between them, pushing his knees up for more room as he clumsily pushed his palm up and against Rodolphus crotch, hesitating slightly before pushing down in small, jerky circles.

Rodolphus moaned, pushing his tongue around the confines of Sirius' mouth as he pushed back into the younger boy's hand. He reached down, experiencing the same hesitancy as Sirius, and copied his gestures, rubbing against Sirius' crotch and rubbing.

Sirius pulled back for breath, gazing at the boy underneath him with half-lidded eyes. “Is this… is this okay?” What he really wanted to ask was ‘why are we doing this?’, but he was scared Rodolphus would then realise just what they were doing and push him away. He didn’t want to be pushed away, not yet.

"I...think," Rodolphus replied, frowning immediately at the loss of Sirius' lips. "Why? Don't you want...?" His eyes widened and he pulled his hand off of Sirius, realizing that he could be taking advantage of the younger boy.

“No!” Sirius snapped immediately, grabbing Rodolphus’ wrist before it could get away and pressing the boy’s hand back against his crotch. He cleared his throat, dark hair obscuring his eyes. “Er, I mean… yeah… I do. Want it.”

"Good..." Rodolphus bit his lip and started rubbing his palm against Sirius again, fingers enveloping the hardness there. "You don't," he stopped to lick his lips, "have to do anything."

But Sirius’ palm was already prying back between their bodies, heeling Rodolphus groin firmly, wrapping his fingers as best as he could around Rodolphus through his clothing. “Too late,” he panted with a small smirk, resting his forehead against the other boy’s, body moving with each stroke of his hand.

Rodolphus laughed, the move such a typically Sirius one he couldn't help but be amused. He stared into Sirius' eyes, as their hands and hips moved, the smile staying on his lips. Even with their clothing on, Rodolphus was already close, the added thrill of being out in the forest, pressed against the ground, was exciting him all the more.

Laughing breathily along with the other boy, Sirius pressed down that little bit harder, feeling the burn in his own groin stretch beyond its limits, and before he knew it he was coming inside his clothes with a string of mixed whimpers and curses.

Rodolphus came soon after Sirius, blushing immediately as he realized he had just made a mess of his trousers. He leaned back, pulling his hand up and wrapping both arms around Sirius. "That was...nice."

“It was bloody weird.” He squirmed a little on top of the other boy, the wet feeling in his trousers not entirely comfortable. “But yeah it was… good,” he said with a small grin. It was casual - neither of them had been expecting it, but Sirius was glad that it had happened. He also wondered if they would ever get the opportunity to do it again - or maybe more? - and where exactly they would do it the next time.

Rodolphus moved Sirius with him as he sat up and moved out from under the other boy. He pulled out his wand and waved it over them, muttering a quick cleaning charm over them. "That's...good."

“Are you always this talkative after a wank?” Sirius joked, though his laughter was a little nervous.

"Of course," Rodophus countered, rolling his eyes and moving back to sit on the log. "Are you?"

Sirius slowly followed the other boy, hands tensing underneath him as he sat back down. “You’re not… you don’t feel weird or anything? About what happened?” he asked, fear evident in his tone. The last thing he wanted was for Rodolphus to start avoiding him.

Rodolphus' eyes widened as he looked at Sirius. "No. We're friends, Siri, sometimes friends...fool around." He picked up one of Sirius' hands and squeezed it. "It would take a lot more than this to make me feel weird around you."

Glancing down at their hands then back at the older boy’s face, Sirius nodded decisively. ‘Friends who fool around’ sounded like a good enough deal to him. “Yeah, yeah…” he agreed, nodding slowly. “You know, for like… experiments, and… other such things.”

"Yeah, exactly." Rodolphus released Sirius' hand and pulled at his collar, wondering how it was suddenly so tight. "...We should be getting back, the last thing we need is my uncle to have to search for us."

“Yeah,” Sirius agreed, standing up so fast he almost lost his footing. He laughed a little and kicked at the mud. “Um. Come on, then.”
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