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Bellatrix Black

The joys of trying to spend time alone with someone in a boarding school

Who: Bellatrix and Rodolphus
When: Monday evening, after the thread that was in Lucius' journal and is now no longer, and after the argument between Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Regulus in Evan's journal
Where: Room in the dungeons with the extending couch
Warnings: high PG-13? heavy making out, petting over clothes, thoughts of more

Bellatrix didn't leave for the room right away, as she tore about her dorm looking for something she could transfigure, not wanting to see him empty handed, and it was quite short notice to pick or order flowers. By the time she had enough coral honeysuckle, Rodolphus was already there. "I hope I haven't been keeping you waiting too long?" She closed and locked the door behind her before walking towards the couch, handing the flowers out to him as she sat beside him, pressing close to his side.

Rodolphus smiled immediately at the sight of Bellatrix with the flowers, bringing them up to his face and brushing the petals under his nose. "Once again we go back to fate," he murmured, before turning his attention on her and giving her a brief kiss on the lips. He nodded towards his journal, sitting on a nearby table where he had been keeping track of the Black-infighting. "I'm sorry that your problem still seems to be affecting you."

Bellatrix glanced at the open journal and frowned. "I'm supposed to talk to her tomorrow. I don't even begin to know what to say to her. I don't even know if anyone's told our parents yet, or if I should owl them before they have to hear it from someone outside the family." Bellatrix turned her head and pressed her face to Rodolphus' neck, her lips brushing softly against his skin. "I wish I could just push it out of my mind, so I don't have to deal with it until tomorrow. Will you meet me after I talk to her tomorrow?"

Rodolphus shivered at the touch on his neck, bringing an arm up around her. It was times like these that he wished for more, but he didn't know how he could possibly approach Bellatrix about that. She wouldn’t be as easy going as her cousin. "Of course I will. Whenever you need me." He set the flowers to the side, cupping one of her cheeks in his hand. "I've been thinking of what title could encompass all of those that I already have, Bella...."

Bellatrix brought a hand up to Rodolphus' hair, combing and twisting the soft strands in her fingers. She felt much calmer already just being here with him. "I'm glad to know that, I'm sure I'll be taking you up on that quite often." She leaned into his hand and smiled, glad for the distraction. She didn't really want to talk about Andromeda right now, anyway. "And have you come up with anything?"

Rodolphus licked his lips then moved forward, pressing a kiss against Bellatrix’s mouth as he spoke. "Would...perhaps...I be able to submit myself for the position," he stopped, regaining what little courage he had, "of king."

Bellatrix laughed before kissing him back, her fingers tightening in his hair, pulling at it. Truthfully she was surprised he was bold enough to ask, but she was also quite pleased. "King? I believe the position is open... Do you think all of your roles can fit under that title?"

"Well," Rodolphus said while attempting to block the rising blush, "we could go over what all of my titles are...or, take their meaning--that of amusing and comforting you."

Bellatrix's smile widened when she saw the colour start to appear on his face and leaned forward to nuzzle against his cheek. "Mmm... It's not a position I've ever offered to anyone before. I never really thought anyone worthy of it before." She closed her eyes and pressed her mouth to his again, biting down on his lips before pulling away. "I definitely can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as my king."

Rodolphus all but whimpered at the bite, his hands tightening into fists. "I would be honoured if you would consider me. I have a feeling that those before me were completely unworthy." He called upon all of the haughtiness a pureblood of his stature was born with to keep himself from feeling completely ridiculous, wanting the conversation to be mostly serious.

Bellatrix leaned forward again, this time just barely brushing their lips together. Her heart was beating so fast it felt as if she'd been running. It was usually only a running joke between them, but it felt so much different now. Felt real. "Everyone else was utterly unworthy of the title. But you do already fill most of the duties, and I think you'd fit the role rather well." Seeing as how he already did with most of the other titles she gave him. She pulled him closer to kiss him again, harder this time.

Happy, unrealistically happy, Rodolphus returned the kiss, surprised at how forceful Bellatrix could be when she let go. His hands came up to her hair, holding their faces together as he leaned back on the extended couch, happy for once that their room had such an unsavory past.

Bellatrix continued to lean forward, into him, almost lying on top of Rodolphus. Her hands tugged at his hair once again as she deepened the kiss, parting her lips against his, slipping her tongue out. She hummed softly to herself as she kissed him. This was such a giant step in making him hers, and he'd brought it up, asked for it. She didn't have to.

Rodolphus sucked on Bellatrix's tongue, fighting to keep from reacting any more than he already was. He didn't want to push, promised himself that no matter what he wouldn't push her. She was...Bellatrix was special and he wanted to stay with her. So instead of moving farther, he massaged her scalp.

Bellatrix half sighed, half moaned into the kiss and dug her nails into Rodolphus' scalp as she scratched through his hair. She didn't think it was quite possible for her pulse to be going quite as fast as it was, didn't think before that simply kissing someone could make it do that. Of course, this wasn't just anyone. Ever since first year she had felt as if she had to talk to Rodolphus, to try to know him better, and she never knew just why. Perhaps he'd been right about fate. That's why she brought him the coral honeysuckle, after all. She shifted again, now fully lying on him. Her hair hung down around their faces, blocking off the rest of the world.

Rodolphus pulled back as much as he could, resting his head back against the couch. He smiled up at her, then pulled her head down towards him, rubbing his head against her nails and giving off pleasured sighs at the sharp pleasure they created. Continuing to kiss her he brought his hands down to caress her neck, then in between them to hesitantly brush them against the top of her breasts through her shirt.

Bellatrix's eyes opened when she felt the touch to her breasts. The move was slightly too bold, but she didn't want to stop, either. Her hands slid from his hair to grab his wrists, and she held them slightly above his head as she spoke against his mouth. "Your queen doesn't remember giving you permission yet." She let her eyes shut again as she continued the kiss.

Rodolphus eyes blazed with excitement at her words, though he tried as hard as he could not to show such a large reaction. He kept his wrists limp in her hands, staring up at her. "I'm sorry, My Queen, I'm yours to command."

Bellatrix found her boyfriend's words somehow made her wish she had let him continue, but she kept his wrists pressed to the couch. She bit down on Rodolphus' lips again, harder this time, as they kissed. She was aware that she'd have backed off by now in most situations. The only person she'd gone farther than this before was a younger girl, and that was mostly to frustrate her. But at this moment, she sincerely didn't want to stop.

Twisting his wrists instinctually, Rodolphus let out the softest of moans before pulling back and biting into his own lip. Not only did he hate the noises he made during sex, he also wanted to make Bellatrix fight for his reactions. He arched his neck, offering up the sensitive skin to her.

The moan was just loud enough for Bellatrix to hear, and she found herself already as easily addicted to it as she was to making him blush. She slid her lips along his jaw line then down towards his neck, kissing the skin lightly at first, then opened her mouth to bite him softly.

Rodolphus wished he was brave enough to move his hands, hold her or caress her, but he feared she would call this all off if he did. Instead he moved his body under hers, brushing together against hers and wondering what it would take to make her forget herself.

Bellatrix bit the sensitive skin harder before licking his neck soothingly. She could feel him pressing into her as he moved against her, and she was suddenly aware just how unfamiliar the territory she got herself into was. But she did still have total control of the situation, and that made her slightly less nervous. She was sure she could stop herself before anything went too far. Even if she started to wonder if maybe she wouldn't mind it going that far. If it wasn't for the fact she wasn't taking anything to prevent... accidents... Bellatrix moved her lips back to Rodolphus' mouth, kissing him hard, while her hands slid up his wrists until her fingers were tangled with his.

Rodolphus squeezed her hands in his as he kissed her, tongue moving over her lips and brushing against her teeth. He pulled back and moved their hands down, kissing across her knuckles. Her reaction to his newest move had him thinking, wondering if perhaps he had never heard of her with anyone else not because she was highly skilled at avoiding the rumour mill but...because she hadn't done anything. A terrifying and thrilling prospect.

Bellatrix smiled down at him when he kissed her hand and squeezed his fingers harder between her own. Maybe... they could go a little farther. She was sure by now that Rodolphus would stop if she told him to, or even if she pulled away. She let go of one of his hands to pull at his tie, wanting to expose more of his neck.

Rodolphus smiled at her, wrapping his arms back around her and wondering where, exactly, she was going. He couldn't help, at that moment, but to miss Sirius and Augustus, both of whom had sexual habits that were far more predictable.

Bellatrix pressed open mouthed kisses to Rodolphus' neck as she worked on the top buttons of his shirt, momentarily confused by the fact that men’s shirts weren't made in quite the same way as women’s. She pushed the material away and continued to kiss down his neck, sucking and nipping at his skin while her hands once again slid to his hair, her nails running hard over his scalp.

Rodolphus bit his lip, hard enough to taste blood, in order to keep from making any noises. He was so distracted by Bella that he barely noticed the shaking of the handle of the door. Looking towards the door with wide eyes he swore, very softly, under his breath. "Bella...." Whoever was outside would be lucky if they could walk away from interrupting Rodolphus right then.

Bellatrix looked up from Rodolphus neck when she heard her name, and it was then she finally heard the door handle. She sat up slightly as she looked between the door and Rodolphus, unsure whether to ignore it or to break apart incase they decided to spell the door open. She ran her hands back through her hair, smoothing it out, as she looked down at him. "Do you think they'll leave?" She mouthed.

As they continued to try the door, then he heard the familiar hissing of spells attempting unlock the door, he groaned. "Apparently they won't." He glanced back at her, taking in how Bellatrix looked after having laid on top of him while kissing him, wanting to lock that image away in his memory.

Bellatrix didn't really want to move from where she was right then, but she knew this would look pretty bad. ...It would pretty much look like what it was, and she would very much like to avoid the rumors. She slid off of Rodolphus and smoothed out her clothes, wondering how they were going to explain the locked door. She stood and looked back at her boyfriend, taking in his rumpled appearance and the marks that covered his neck. She smirked, knowing that she did that to him doing something to her she couldn't quite put into words. And unfortunately with the other person trying to open the door, she couldn't show him.

Rodolphus glared at the door before reaching forward and grabbing one of Bellatrix's hands. "Possibly the most convenient part of this room," he said, walking over to one of the walls, "is that there's more ways than one to leave." He frowned and tapped a few places on the wall before finding the exact spot he had to push in to open the small door, ducking under it and into the next room which, thankfully, had a door that opened into another corridor. "The people who use this room for--well, you can figure out what it's used for--are Slytherins, after all."

"I pretty much figured what it was used for when you first showed it to me and mentioned that the couch expands. I don't think I really want to know just how you know so much about that room, though." Just the very thought of it made her want to seek out and hex anyone else he'd ever been in there with. She straightened her clothes again before they started down the hallway. "You may want to hide your neck when we reach the common room."

Rodolphus blushed, deciding that explaining how he knew about the room would not be a good idea with his new girlfriend. "My neck?" he asked, turning his head to the side and feeling the strain of the forming-bruises. He quickly lifted his collar up and cast a mild glamour, hoping that they wouldn't run into any teachers who would sense it and wishing he had a mirror so he could just heal them. "Thank you for the warning."

"You're welcome. I couldn't just let you walk in there like that, after all. We almost got caught as it was." Bellatrix wished they didn't have to leave in such a hurry, which was odd considering she'd never wanted to go quite as far with anyone before as she had been willing to with him. Maybe this was a good thing. It would give her a chance to be prepared in case they did go too far. She leaned into Rodolphus slightly as they walked, not yet willing to give up the contact.

Rodolphus wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked, glancing around the corridor and then reminding himself that they were dating, now, and he could touch her in public. It was a freeing thought. "We should...return to our rooms, I imagine."

Bellatrix placed her hand over his and squeezed it. It wasn't as intense as what they'd been doing moments before, but it still felt intimate in a way. "We probably should. We've probably been gone too long as it is, and I have... a long day ahead of me tomorrow." She rested her head against his shoulder, and then turned her eyes up to his face. "Did you remember to grab your book and flowers?"

Rodolphus laughed and nodded. "That would have been a very bad thing if I hadn't." Especially because his name was on the book, though he doubted anyone would really question his presence there. He began walking towards the corridors that would take them back to their dorms.

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