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Rodolphus Lestrange

Memory Log

Who: Augustus Rookwood and Rodolphus Lestrange
Where: History of Magic classroom, in the back
When: Their fourth year

Rodolphus' head jerked up quickly it almost slipped from where it rested on his propped up arm. He glanced over the room and gave a wry smile as he realized everyone else was in a similar state, then turned his attention to Augustus. Taking out a spare scrap of parchment he jotted down a quick note, Did you take down the last ten minutes of notes?

Augustus accepted the note without turning his head away from the Professor. While the subject was exceedingly boring, he found he couldn’t let himself soften up and relax, keeping his gaze on the Professor’s forehead and writing down useless notes. An involuntary smile crept up his lips as he read the note and returned it with a reply. Did you have pleasant dreams? As for your question, yes I have, I’ll let you have them after the class.

Rodolphus took the note back and stared at it for a few minutes, chewing on his quill. Ah, I should be lucky I wasn't subject to Night Terrors. I would rather be listening to one of your discourses on Stoicism. He slid the note back and started listening to the lecture, immediately taking down neat, precise notes of the Professor's words.

Chuckling at the message, Augustus stopped writing down the notes, taking time to calm down. Taking a, what he thought was surreptitious, glance at his old-time friend, Augustus proceeded to writing a reply. Admit it, you find certain charm in Stoicism. Otherwise you wouldn’t be this interested in me talking. Sliding the note back to Rodolphus underneath the desk, he returned his attention to the Professor, his thoughts far from the old man nonetheless.

There's more charm in Solipsism, he wrote back immediately, handing it to his friend before leaning closer to him. "Isn't Stoicism having charm a bit of an oxymoron?" Rodolphus whispered, eyes staring straight ahead.

“Oxymoron is what makes…everything interesting,” Augustus whispered back, taking a wary glance at the Professor, and turning back to Rodolphus. He gently folded the piece of parchment and kept it in his hands. “Solipsism, on the other hand, isn’t fun at all,” he added, a ghost of a smile hovering above his lips.

Rodolphus chuckled into Augustus' ear. "The only reason you say that, my friend, is because if I am a Solipsist, that means, to me, you don't even exist." Rodolphus spared just enough attention in the class to store the lecture in his memory, wishing that such a talent worked when he was unconscious.

Augustus shivered slightly from the strange sensation that ran down his spine when his friend suddenly chuckled into his ear. His jaws clenching slightly, Augustus gripped the folded parchment stronger, promptly putting it away into his pocket. What for? He didn’t know. Yet he mastered up a nonchalant smirk and retorted. “I exist to you, because if I didn’t, you’d have given up on taking History of Magic by now.”

Rodolphus rolled his eyes. "You know we can't drop this until next year." He looked down at Augustus' notes and skimmed over the points he had missed. "I'd prefer it, though, if there was a philosophy that said only two people exist in the world."

Augustus allowed himself a small smile before turning away from Rodolphus to look back at Professor. He had heard the other boy’s comment, but finding himself at a loss for any kind of coherent reply kept his lips sealed. “It was exactly the time when the most famous of all Goblin rebellions took place,” the Professor screeched out to the snoring class. Augustus threw a surreptitious glance at his friend. Doing his best at feigning indifference, he asked quietly. “And why would that be?”

"You know why," Rodolphus whispered, though he finished with a joke rather than the full truth, "I'd be too bored if only I existed. At least you can make conversation." The Professor was right about one thing, the war he was going to lecture about now was pretty famous, so famous that Rodolphus had already read about it. Smirking he realized he'd be able to sleep during class for the rest of the week.

Lips quirking in another small smile, Augustus nodded slightly, keeping his eyes on the Professor’s occiput. “How enticingly egotistic of you,” he said, leaning against the back of his chair and crossing slender hands on his chest. The topic of the class was clear now that the Professor mentioned that war. Relaxing instantly and letting his guards fall somewhat, Augustus closed his eyes, before adding quietly, “At least you recognize I’m an interesting interlocutor.”

Rodolphus looked over at Augustus, smiling as he took in his friend's relaxed posture. "Well, at least you can do something," he commented, eyes falling to Augustus' lips in anticipation of the coming retort.

Eyes snapping up open, Augustus caught Rodolphus’ gaze directed at… his lips? Slightly startled and intrigued all the while, he retorted, “I can do everything.” Arching an eyebrow, he wondered what his best friend was getting at.

Shrugging Rodolphus looked back over the rest of the room, eyes alighting on the other Slytherins and watching as they passed notes or slept. "Of course you can...."

“So what is it that you are getting at, my dear friend?” Augustus was now positively intrigued. “Don’t tell me it was nothing and that anyway it happened in another country.” He slightly turned around in his seat, careful to not make any noise at all, and fixed his gaze on Rodolphus questioningly.

"I'm not saying anything, you're reading too much into this." Rodolphus scribbled at his notes, reminding himself that he should have expected that Augustus would try to make everything he said mean something.

“Paete, non dolet.” Augustus closed his eyes shut, determined to shut everything else out of his mind as well. Rodolphus could get so confusing at times, he thought. Pulling his hands down from his chest, he slid them into the pockets of his trousers and fiddled with several folded parchments, of which he had little to no idea as to where they have come from.

Rodolphus leaned back towards his friend, not liking the fact that Augustus seemed to be ignoring him. "Augustus, did I upset you?" He waited a moment for an answer, more than a little impatient, and leaned farther in, their noses touching.

Augustus’ eyelids fluttered almost imperceptibly before he opened his eyes, seemingly unperturbed by anything that was said before and the particular closeness of his friend at that very moment. “Oh no, dear friend, you’re reading far too much into this,” he said, half-smiling and half-smirking at Rodolphus.

Rodolphus narrowed his eyes, though he was slightly amused. "Am I?" He stayed exactly where he was, knowing that the only people paying attention to the two of them at that moment were the two of them.

“Yes, Rodolphus, too much,” Augustus replied wavering not an inch, as he narrowed his eyes mirroring his friend. The slight smirk has almost disappeared, although a faint ghostly image of it still hovered above his lips. “You could never upset me,” he added after quite a long pause.

"Never? No matter what? Nothing I did could upset you?" Rodolphus was the one smirking, now, as ideas flitted through his mind of what, exactly, he could do at the moment that would thoroughly unbalance Augustus.

“As long as you don’t steal my decadent poetry compilation away,” Augustus said, grinning faintly. They were still very close to each other, perhaps too close, or closer than ever before. However, Augustus found he didn’t mind that too much.

"Oh?" Rodolphus raised an eyebrow then pushed forward, their lips pressing in a kiss. He didn't know why, but he knew now was the time. He wondered if, perhaps, he had been waiting for this moment for longer than he even knew. And now he had an opening, because if Augustus was upset by the move, Rodolphus could just say it was a joke.

Augustus froze in his seat as he felt the foreign lips brush against his. Not that it was his first kiss, or perhaps it even was, seeing as how he was always more immersed in the intellectual to have ever gone out to try what the sensual meant. Not knowing what he was supposed to do, he just let Rodolphus continue, slightly relaxing in his seat.

When he was given no response from Augustus, Rodolphus pulled back, flushing as he sat back in his own seat. "Did that upset you?" He kept his voice light, not wanting to admit his feelings or how he could still feel that kiss, would probably always be able to remember it.

Augustus licked his lips involuntarily when Rodolphus pulled back so unexpectedly. He felt his own cheeks starting to flush, strange feelings and sensations filling his body. “You didn’t steal my compilation,” he replied quietly, finally deciding to look up his friend. “I… it’s just,” biting on his lips Augustus fell silent for a moment before continuing even more quietly, “I don’t know how to respond.”

"I-I'm sorry," Rodolphus whispered, face still pink with embarrassment. "I...just forget it?" Class would be ending, soon, and he could think of some excuse for why he couldn't stay around Augustus.

It wasn’t going the way it should be going, Augustus knew that. He clenched and unclenched his fists inside the pockets, before extracting them and looking down at them. What was he supposed to do? His left hand slowly made its way in Rodolphus’ direction before tugging at his sleeve. Merlin, how does one say he… liked it? Saying not a word, Augustus leaned into Rodolphus, pressing his lips to the other’s in an awkward almost first time kiss.

Eyes wide, Rodolphus immediately returned the kiss, instinctually moving his lips against the other boy's. Though their mouths were closed and the touch itself was very innocent, Rodolphus still felt as though there was intensity behind the action. He gave an almost silent groan of regret when he heard, as if from a distance, the lecture beginning to end, knowing they'd have to part to avoid the eyes of the others.

Augustus closed his eyes, relieved that he had done the right thing. First awkwardly, then more deftly he copied his friend’s movements, learning and memorizing each and every detail to analyze later. “Now you should have a fairly well understanding of the War. Any questions?” Augustus distinctly heard the Professor bringing the class to an end and instantly pulled away from Rodolphus. Pursing his lips (secretly licking them), he started gathering his belongings together, all the while certain that this seemingly innocent incident would have far-reaching consequences. “The die is cast,” he said, turning to regard his friend seriously, locking his gaze with the other boy’s.

Rodolphus stared into Augustus' eyes, not replying or looking away until he the other students begin to pack their bags, there having been, as always, no questions. He glanced back at his half-written notes and began to pack away his books. "So mote it be," he finally said, running a hand up through his hair and standing.

Augustus smiled slightly, as he heard his friend say the closing words. He nodded and stood up after him, feeling content for some reason. He didn’t know where this would lead, but he was willing to take the risk. This was, after all, his best friend Rodolphus, the only person he had ever considered an equal.
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