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the gathering storm

A Midnight Clear (Marauder's Era RPG)
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It’s 1976, and the beginning of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs’ sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Naïve, unaware and unaffected, the Wizarding World has no idea of Voldemort’s quiet rise to power in the underground - however, all is not as it seems. Instead of reaching out to the established Death Eaters - Voldemort wants to seek out the ‘Potentials’ - the sons, daughters and heirs of the pureblood families - to manipulate them, promise them great things if they agree to join his reign for supremacy.

To push the ‘Potentials’ to the best of their abilities, Riddle has to train them, to teach them the ways of the dark - how? A First War Concentration Camp, hidden within the confines of a dark, grey land - far away from school, far away from home. For muggleborn, muggle lovers and blood traitors alike, the ‘Potentials’ will practice their torturing, curses and manipulation; either killing off all of the ‘dirty children’, or converting them to the dark side.

During this capture, Hogwarts and its staff are being held captive by the ‘Potentials’ parents, in a mind game of their own. How long will it be before Dumbledore can set his pupils free from Camp Destruction?

||Summary of Entries to Date||
For a list of what has happened in the game so far, including links, please click here

Rules and Regulations

+ By joining this RP, you are making a commitment. We, as the mods are devoting our time to this game, and by signing up you are stating that you will as well. Characters must be kept active, responding to other journals is a critical part of this game, as is RPing. To start we ask for posts 2 or 3 times a week, minimum. They do not have to be long and detailed, and because they are personal journals they do not have to make sense to every character. Please make your posts realistic, and keep the game alive. Posts may be directed towards a specific person or group by placing the desired text in an lj-cut labeling the it appropriately; while all players are able to read these posts, only the characters it is directed towards may comment. This method is also used when owling other players.

+ We understand you may not be able to post for a certain amount of time, and that's perfectly acceptable. After all, things happen. But please, warn us beforehand, whether it be in the OOC board or through contact with the mods

+ midnight__ooc is the community where plots will be posted. If you have an idea for the game, or would like to request an im/journal roleplay, post it here. This will help with minor and major plots, and will allow everyone to know what you have planned for your character.

+ You must have MSN or Windows Messenger for this game. Supply this information to others through your user info page and your primary introcductions.

+ Any MAJOR plotlines: eg: character death, must be approved by the mods before put into play.

+ Slash is acceptable, and encouraged. However, provacative or mature posts must be under an lj- cut with a warning.

+ All logs, not only those listed above must be posted under an lj-cut with a brief summary and a rating.

+ All OOC buisness MUST take place on the OOC page. No OOC posts made be made on the IC page/journal, no matter how minor they may be. The IC pages are to be kept in character at all times. No exceptions.

+ Personal journals are to be kept in first person. Any posts to the IC community should be written in third. This is standard format and we will not accept another.

+ These are magical journals, NOT computers. Steer clear of mentioning html, webpages or pixel size. Netspeak will NOT be tolerated.

+ No OCs (original characters) will be accepted. We have devised a lengthy and well researched list of many characters during this era. Most of them come with little or no background information that allow you to essentially create the character within reason. For instance, a death eater would not be best friends with a muggle born. Please use common sense.

+ This game takes place in the Marauder's 6th year (1976), use language appropriate for this time period.

+ Britpick! These characters are British, they should speak thusly.

+ Because this RP deals with mature, adult themes, no applicants under the age of 16 will be accepted.

Warnings: As said above, this game deals with mature themes: focusing on dark content for adults only. This content may (and most probably will) include TORTURE, NON-CON, INCEST and SEXUAL SITUATIONS. Please do NOT join if any of the above offend you.

The Characters and Players
Those listed with an LJ username next to them are already taken, those scored out are pending.


5th Year
Regulus Black : whiteblacksheep
Evan Rosier : merdenoms_
? Wilkies :
? Travers :
Rabastan Lestrange : echoing_green
Narcissa Black : softly_stellar
6th Year
? Avery : thatwhichislost
? Nott : apathyentwined
? Mulciber :
Severus Snape : dark__arts
? Crabbe :
? Goyle :
Antonin Dolohov : beyourownprince
Dolores Umbridge :
7th Year
Lucius Malfoy : sangpur
Augustus Rookwood : nulla_res
Bellatrix Black : aimingforstars
Rodolphus Lestrange : chasing_arete
Walden MacNair :


5th Year
Marlene McKinnon :
Ted Tonks :
6th Year
James Potter : potterrific
Sirius Black : _grimlyfiendish
Remus Lupin : fragmented_blue
Peter Pettigrew :
Lily Evans : lily_charmed
Daisy Brown :
Gideon Prewett :
Dorcas Meadows :
7th Year
Alice (Longbottom) :
Frank Longbottom :
Arthur Weasley :
Fabian Prewett :
Kingsley Shackelbolt :
Stubby Boardman :


5th Year
Sturgis Podmore :
Broderick Bode :
Rita Skeeter :
? Corner :
6th Year
Andromeda Black : pulchra_somnia
Benjy Fenwick :
Caradoc Dearborn :
? Lovegood :
? Boot :
7th Year
Emmeline Vance :
Amelia Bones :
? Quirrel :


5th Year
Bertha Jorkins : carried_whisper UP FOR ADOPTION
Doris Purkis :
Otto Bagman :
6th Year
Davy Gudgeon :
Hestia Jones :
Amos Diggory :
7th Year
Rosmerta ? :
Ludovic Bagman :
Molly (?) Weasley :

Albus Dumbledore :
Minerva McGonagall :
Argus Filch :
Madame Pince :
Madame Pomfrey :

Other Characters Required
Kreacher the House Elf :
Mr Black :
Mrs Black :
Tom Riddle : votre_seigneur

The Application

About You



Personal LJ:

Any RP experience:
Please be specific; who were you, and where? Link if possible.

Time you have available to devote to your character: Please be honest!

Time Zone:

About the Character
Character Desired:

Why do you want to play this particular character?:

Describe your character in five words:

General Personality:
A nice, healthy paragraph.

Background and Family Life: As detailed as possible.

Romantic/Relationship Information (ie orientation, marital status):

Anticipated PB and/or physical appearance:

First Person Journal Entry:
Minimum: 2-3 Paragraphs

Third Person RP Entry: Minimum 2-3 Paragraphs

please e-mail any applications or questions to: midnightclearmods@yahoo.co.uk