Rodolphus Lestrange (chasing_arete) wrote in midnight__clear,
Rodolphus Lestrange

Who: Augustus Rookwood and Rodolphus Lestrange
Where: Their dorm room
When: Directly after this
Rating: NC-17 for masturbation, voyeurism, and all that good stuff...

Rodolphus was wearing his robes in a way that no one would be able to tell exactly how frustrated he was. He and Bellatrix had been so close and then the interruption....Sighing, Rodolphus didn't bother to pay attention to anyone else in the dorm, throwing open the door to his room and charging towards his bed, wanting to get rid of his...current problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“There are actually people in the dorm, Rodolphus, if you hadn’t noticed,” Augustus noted indifferently from his bed. He was lounging there trying to get fast asleep, slightly irritated his friend had disrupted what little peace he had managed to find. “Although, if you’re so desperate, you could go to the Room of Requirement and get whatever it is that you need. Just please, silence.”

Biting back the oath that wanted to fall from his lips, Rodolphus glanced over at Augustus, hands already fumbling with the fastenings on his clothing. "I can be very quiet, Augustus, but is this truly disturbing you?" He folded his robe as soon as it was off, then his shirt and trousers followed.

“Actually, it is. Disturbing.” Augustus turned away from the sight of his friend, his face a cold mask of unconcern. He had been trying hard to forget all that had connected him to Rodolphus and seeing him undress didn’t help the matter. Augustus gripped his wand and started drawing faintly visible shimmering lines with its tip, trying to get his mind off of the unwelcome thoughts and feelings.

"Oh, then you'll excuse me if I don't particularly feel like sparing you any disturbance and don't cast a silencing ward." Rodolphus finished stripping and laid down on his bed, hands moving over his body and back immediately arching at the feel of it. There was a part of him, he had to admit, that took pleasure in the knowledge that he was tormenting Augustus, who didn't have the decency to leave his thoughts.

Augustus’s grip on his wand tightened as he caught the sound of slight ministrations his friend had been occupied with. His face muscles moved in extreme irritation and anger, yet, no word of objection escaped his mouth. Rodolphus wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing him suffer. “Oh you know, I’ve heard that if you cast an Engorgio over your wand and tighten your grip, it will work a miracle.” Augustus stayed on his bed, unmoved and seemingly unperturbed by what was happening in the room.

"I have no need for such extravagance, Augustus," Rodolphus replied after the moment he took to steady himself. Both of his hands played with his nipples before one moved down, tugging at the hair above his erection before he gripped himself, a soft moan escaping him.

“Well, that’s good, my good man Rodolphus.” Augustus closed his eyes tightly shut, trying to shun the outside world out. He felt his cheeks flushing up, an unpleasant wave of warmth spreading over his slender body draped in all black. An image of Rodolphus’ empty bed after that night suddenly jumped into the front of his mind, filling him with bitter anger again.

Moaning again, Rodolphus let his head fall back on the pillows. His mind kept supplying him with visions of Bellatrix, of what they could have done together, but it was Augustus' touch that he had knowledge of, his friend's mouth and hands and sex that he could remember touching him. Rodolphus bit his lip to keep a sudden sob from escaping him at how utterly unfair his heart was to him.

Augustus was shaking non-stop by now. Anger, frustration, desire, self-pity - all mixed up to make him feel totally disconsolate. He wanted to turn back and take at least one good look of his friend, to touch the other’s heated body, seal his lips with his own, yet he moved not an inch. His pride choked him, asphyxiating his very being, making him want to hex Rodolphus into oblivion, destroy everything, and be done with it. Augustus looked down at the shimmering images drawn in the air and gritted his teeth - it was Rodolphus arching up like during their very last time. Biting on his lip, Augustus annihilated the image with ferocious joy.

Rodolphus brought his hand from his chest and sucked loudly on two of his fingers, covering them with his saliva. He was filled with a sort of vindictive pleasure, though he knew he was the one who should be punished--he left Augustus, who was still here, who would most likely take him back, if only Bellatrix wasn't so intoxicating.

Augustus had reached the boiling point. Clenching his jaws tight, he turned around on his bed and raised himself, propping his back against the bedpost. His unnaturally cold eyes observed Rodolphus lying on his bed several feet away, registering every movement, his ears cataloguing every sob and moan, to rewind the scene in his mind later on. Now he would do his best to hurt Rodolphus. “Want me to call up on Adrian, perhaps? He is divine in such matters. I haven’t seen anyone just as mind-blowing as Adrian is in fucking,” he lied blatantly, making his voice sound artificially sympathetic.

Rodolphus closed his eyes, squeezing his lids shut against the look on Augustus' face. He trailed those wet fingers down his body, raising up his legs and situating himself so that he could play against the puckered skin of his hole, continuing to stroke his length almost too slowly. Bellatrix, he reminded himself, think of Bellatrix. But it was so hard to imagine her doing anything like this to him. Their shared touches and kisses were wonderful, just as he liked, but it was Augustus who quoted poets and philosophers to him, who worked him up so much. "Do you need him? I understand how this could be frustrating for you, friend."

“No, I was actually concerned about your pathetic condition, my darling friend.” Augustus leaned against the adjacent wall, crossing his hands on his chest nonchalantly. “I’m doing perfectly well just voyeuring.” Augustus summoned a chair on the other end of the room and settled on it more comfortably. “Oh do continue, I find it intriguing.”

Rodolphus slipped a finger inside of himself and gasped, the other quickly following, stretching to the point it burned. His hand began to speed up automatically, back arching. Vaguely he acknowledged that he was giving Augustus quite a fine view of his body and hoped the other boy was enjoying himself. This wasn't cheating on Bellatrix, after all, so perhaps this was something he could share with Augustus, now, filled with all their love and hate and attempts at apathy.

Augustus smirked, silently watching his friend please himself. He stood up slowly from his chair and relocated himself on Rodolphus’ bed, trailing his cold fingers along Rodolphus’ thigh. “You remind me of Salvadore’s Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening,” Augustus said, quietly. “Except that you lack the girl’s breasts.” He moved his fingers up his friend’s body, massaging slightly on the way.

Rodolphus whimpered, at this point too close to the edge to protest Augustus' touch. The comment, encompassing exactly what Augustus was, sent shivers through Rodolphus as he moaned against, shifting closer to those fingers upon him as he rocked into his own hands. "So is this my coming up from a dream?" he managed to ask, witty comments about how their room was far too Spartan for such a comparison fleeing him.

Augustus’ left hand softly enwrapped the throbbing length of Rodolphus’, caressing it gently, as he smiled down at his friend. “The dreamland is but a blink away,” he whispered, starting to rub the other’s flesh hotly, increasing his speed. “You can always return there,” Augustus found himself saying against his own will, at seeing the expression of bliss on his friend’s face.

Rodolphus moved his head side to side, trying to collect his thoughts, knowing that he shouldn't allow what was happening but wanting it. Augustus' voice was so soft, so beautiful, it reminded Rodolphus all over again as to why he cared so deeply for the other boy. With a sharp cry, Rodolphus spilled himself over their hands, thoughts blurring all the more as he shoved his fingers into himself and curved them just right, increasing the pleasure of his orgasm until the sparks against his closed eyelids were near-blinding.

Augustus bit on his lip seeing his friend convulse in the violent orgasm, desperately wanting to have been there with him from the beginning, to have them doing this every night, nay, every free second of their lives. Alas, it was now near-impossible thanks to his obstinacy. Augustus allowed himself a small smile seeing the wetness of Rodolphus’ tousled hair and squeezed his manhood slightly for the last time. With that he stood up and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on his friend’s lips. “Now sleep, my friend.” Augustus lingered there for a moment before turning around and leaving the room, steadying his gait, even if he wanted to run away from there. He looked down at his hand and smiled seeing the other’s semen on it.

Rodolphus murmured, too drowsy to attempt to understand what Augustus was saying, but understanding the meaning of his friend's tone. "August...." he managed to sigh, body feeling so heavy that even his vocal chords protested at being moved. In moments he was drifting into sleep, his mind locking away the complications this night would cause for him to worry about in dreams he wouldn't recall.
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