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Francis "Frank" Longbottom

Who: Augustus Rookwood and Frank Longbottom
Where: Random room in the Astronomy Tower
When: After the Bella/Gus fight
Rating: Eh, doesn't really need one....
Note: With them redoing the scene, a few things in here might not be 100% right, but I doubt anyone will care ^.^ I'm tired of sitting on it.

She cut me… she fucking cut me! Augustus stared at the wall in front of him, a nonsensical glint in his eyes, as he pressed a handkerchief to the slight cut on his upper arm. Oh sure, it wasn’t anything to worry about, yet the very fact that she had cut him, moreover, was actually his equal left Augustus slightly unbalanced. He had obviously underestimated the girl, oh no, she was not a girl - she was a beast. Failing to understand how could anyone be possibly enamored with her, Augustus slowly shook his head and stood up from the floor, he had somehow been reduced to. The whole story, all of it, every little detail was in line to be analyzed and sorted out. Augustus slowly made his way out of the deep dungeons and went upward.
He desperately needed to get out of there; the shimmering ghosts of his failure, both emotionally and physically, were starting to haunt him. How could I ever let that happen?

Whistling, Frank worked his way through the Astronomy Tower. He always liked to make a bit of noise to scar off the younger students and the others who were just looking for a place to make out away from the rest of their houses. It was only the ones who were actually fooling around who he ever took points away from, and even that he sometimes didn't do if it was the first time they had been caught.
He heard the unusual noise of someone else who wasn't trying to hide their presence and frowned, going over the duty list for that night and not remembering any other prefect needing to patrol this area. Turning the corner his eyes widened as he took in the sight of a ruffled and slightly bloody Augustus Rookwood. "Rookwood, are you okay?" he asked moving forward and glancing around to see if anyone else was around who might be in the same state.

Augustus thought hard to solve the dilemma - should he simply up and leave saying not a word or let the other boy get what he wanted and have him gone. Taking into consideration his overall exhaustion, Augustus decided in favour of the latter. “I am faring perfectly, so you can continue on your Prefect duties.” His clear voice resounded off the walls, indifferent and emotionless. “Although, I guess I should thank you for caring,” he added with a wry smirk. “Now go - you’ve accomplished your good deed of the day.” Augustus waved his hand airily, as if dismissing the other boy haughtily.

Frank rolled his eyes and continued towards the other boy, taking hold of his arm and moving the handkerchief, looking over the cut. "It's minor, but you should still heal it just so it isn't sore for the next few days." He stated, taking out his wand in order to do just that. "And it's not a matter of a 'good deed of the day', Rookwood, I'm a prefect to help people. If you don't want to tell me what happened to you, that's fine, but I'm hoping that I won't end up finding your unconscious opponent somewhere around here."

Augustus tried to tear himself away from the touch, but his rapidly draining strength allowed only for a small jerk. His jaws clenching, he bore his piercing stare into the prefect’s skull, wishing he would just drop dead right there and then. “I don’t need anybody’s help,” he chucked out quietly, before attempting to get his own wand that lay nearby. “And don’t worry about my opponent, I’m sure they’re faring just as perfectly,” he added, careful not to let the bitterness creep into his voice. There was no need in showing any sign of weakness that was emotions in front of the Mr. Perfect.

Frank crouched down and picked up Augustus' wand, handing it to the other boy before bringing up his own and casting one of the multitude of healing spells he'd taken it upon himself to learn--prefects often had to break up fights. "No need to be rude, Rookwood, I know you don't need my help, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to give it." Frank found himself wanting to think one of the usual Gryffindor sayings about Slytherins, but held back, not even wanting to think such a stereotypically cruel thought.

Closing his eyes, Augustus let out a small groan at the sensation of tissues being brought back together. It was a painful procedure, one he had been experiencing for the first time, never having been in a fight that resulted in blood spilled before. Soon enough the only feeling he had was that of slight buzzing in the place where the cut was, and even the buzzing soon disappeared. Opening his eyes at last, Augustus looked straight at Frank, not saying a word, only nodding slightly acknowledging the other’s help. “You have my gratitude now, but for future… encounters, do not even think of helping again.”

His fingers massaged the now-healed skin of Augustus' arm, grinning at the other boy. "Right, of course. I won't help you, no matter what. In the future, if I see you bleeding out your heart's blood onto the Astronomy Tower floor, I'll just walk on by and wait for your funeral," he joked, putting away his wand and looking around. "You should probably take a seat somewhere."

Augustus rolled his eyes at the other boy’s jesting tone. “Maybe I should simply go jump down the tower to save you all the trouble?” Were Gryffindors ever serious? Did they ever understand when there was the need to joke and when not? He doubted it, studying Frank’s grinning visage. Even then, the other boy didn’t seem to irritate Augustus just as much as the other Gryffindors did. Perhaps it was the sparks of intelligence that lurked behind his eyes. Augustus scowled, Rodolphus’ image appearing in his mind’s eye vividly. His jaw muscles tightening, he turned his attention back at Frank. “I’m comfortable just where I am,” he said stiffly, before adding, “although, I wouldn’t mind if you helped me to get to the parapet.”

Frank nodded and moved to Augustus' side, wrapping an arm around the other boy's shoulders and helping him to the parapet. "As long as you promise not to jump," his tone was light, but there was a seriousness in his face. The other boy looked so upset, despite the usual mask, that Frank almost felt sad for him. "So, who was it? Rodolphus? I know you two haven't seemed as close as you normally do." Having at least a few things in common with the eldest Lestrange, Frank was used to having conversations with the other boy and paying closer attention to him than he did to the other Slytherins in their year. But Rodolphus hadn't exactly been acting like himself, Frank had been shocked when he saw him at the ball with Black of all people.

The darkness of the outside world seemed to fit Augustus’ mood perfectly, instantly relaxing him. He leaned against the parapet’s wall and tugged his legs upward, wrapping his hands around his knees. Was it Rodolphus? It seemed like it was. It was Rodolphus. All of his problems originated from his best friend and then lover for that brief period of time they’ve been together. “It is honestly none of your business, Longbottom,” he said finally, his voice void of his usual cutting overtone, almost soft. “What matters is that it is done now.” He didn’t elaborate on what exactly was done, not knowing himself. “Acta est fabula.”

"Ah, one of those things." Frank nodded knowingly, leaning against the parapet and watching Augustus.

“One of which things?” Augustus sharply turned his head to look at Frank. “You think you understand everything, do you not?” His cold blue eyes stared at the other boy, his gaze almost painful in its intensity. “I hasten to disillusion you that you do not.”

"Ah, no, I don't really know anything at all." Frank shrugged, giving a good natured smirk. "Though, admitting that may very well make me a genius, no?" He matched Augustus' gaze with a nonchalant one of his own. "So, are you always this cranky, or is it because the fight didn't go the way you wanted it to?"

Despite his determination to ignore the boy, Augustus’ lips crooked up in a wry smile. “Ah, so that’s how it is. Well, I do happen to enjoy company of fellow geniuses.” He turned his gaze away from Frank elsewhere, not wanting to answer the second question. “I am just not feeling very up to par with your… benevolent disposition.”

Frank shrugged again, wondering why people had to be so very complicated. "Hardly anyone ever is. Or," he said, voice lowering to a mock-conspiratorial level, "I have to deal with the other Gryffindors, who make me look depressed, sometimes."

Augustus looked back at Frank, tilting his head somewhat, regarding the other boy with dark curiosity. “I didn’t know anyone could get merrier than you are,” he said with a slight smirk. “So absolutely, bustlingly gay and merry, as if the whole world is not a stage but a holiday. Do you dream of colourful balloons and flowers and cute little pink bunnies?”

"Of course not...though I wouldn't put it past Kingsley." Frank smirked at the idea of the intimidating Shackelbolt dreaming of bunnies, or anything pink, for that matter. "What do you Slytherins dream of? Blood and cemeteries?"

Augustus smirked in unison with Frank at the thought of that grim Kingsley boy and the pink “beauty”. Taking a moment to think over his next response, Augustus replied, “Perhaps it will come a surprise to you, what with being a Gryffindor and all, but we Slytherins are an individualistic lot and we don’t usually have collective dreams.” Unsure if his response sounded too harsh, he added, “But if you wonder what I dream about… I could tell you that I don’t dream of anything as crude as blood and anything as cliché as cemeteries.”

"Oh, well, pardon me for being so gregarious," Frank answered, his face calm and voice still as nice as ever. "Can you honestly see me dreaming of bunnies, though?" He paused. "I bet some Slytherins dream about that sort of thing."

“Certainly not I.” Augustus fell in a bout of silence, unsure as to what to do next. The Gryffindor next to him obviously wasn’t one of the stereotypical Gryffindors. What did he want from him? “So tell me, Longbottom, what’s your pleasure to sit here with me being so cranky? No girls or boys to chase around?” turning a curious gaze at Frank, he waited for an answer, actually caring to get one.

"Oh, to tell you the truth...I let most of them go with a warning." Frank gave a snort, wondering what the other boy would have to say to that. "They're just kids, after all, and I know what kind of trouble I can get up to if I'm not careful."

“What do you have to be careful about, Mr. Perfect?” Augustus sent a first genuine smile in Frank’s direction.

Frank returned the smile instantly. "Oh, well, I get up to the occasional bout of mischief, I assure you. I'm just so perfect I never get caught." At that he laughed, reminded of just how often such a question was asked of him.

“Confident, aren’t we?” Augustus asked, asking an eyebrow, intrigued by the Gryffindor prefect. “Much too confident for a Gryffindor even.” The Slytherin relaxed back into the wall - who knew, the evening could prove to be more interesting than he suspected at first.

"Is there such a thing as 'too confident' in a Gryffindor?" Frank asked playfully, glancing around the room as he thought on the Slytherin before him.

“Ah yes, I forgot, our little lion cubs are the world-wide champions in being overconfident of their strengths.” Augustus rolled his eyes, gradually getting more and more carried away in the quite nonsensical banter with the Gryffindor. “Should I bow or should I do something else, your majesty?”

"Hm, you could always lick my boots clean," Frank countered with a wink. "Or maybe kneel and kiss the hem of my robes whenever we're in the same room?" He chuckled and leaned back, then, after a moment, finally sat down. "But we still don't hold a candle to some of the people in your house."

“I didn’t think you held a candle to anyone in my house,” Augustus sent a pointed look at the Gryffindor. “Aren’t we considered the really evil, the really wicked, the really bad guys, basically the villains?” After a small pause, Augustus added with a smirk, “Not that we mind, of course.”
Frank raised an eyebrow. "Aren't the classic villains also the classic sex symbols nowadays?" He flashed a wicked grin towards Augustus, pointedly looking over his body. "I bet you snakes don't mind that, either."

“Oh most certainly, we don’t,” Augustus grinned back slightly at Frank, amused with the other’s playful disposition. “It opens quite a lot of doors on our paths to achieve whatever it is that we want.” Augustus locked his eyes with Frank’s, curious to see for how long the other student would be able to hold the gaze.

Keeping his eyes on Augustus', Frank wondered why they had never talked before. Not that he had talked to most Slytherins, they were a private group, even more so than the Ravenclaws, but usually if someone was interesting he went out of his way to at least greet them. "And what is it you want?"

“Knowledge,” Augustus replied simply. “The key to everything and all that other pathetic stuff.” Augustus licked his dry lips, turning his attention to the nightly sky. “I think I am addicted to it.”

Frank watched Augustus as he stared off, head cocked to the side in thought. "Addicted to knowledge? There's worse drugs, but that one could end up being expensive just like most of the others."

“Not if I use my serpent sexiness.” Augustus turned back at the Gryffindor, flashing him a naughty smirk. “Besides, I happen to be intelligent enough to be accepted where I could get enough of my drug for the rest of my days.”

Frank nodded, returning the smirk. "Is that how you plan to spend your future, then?"

“That and occasional non-obligatory affairs to keep my life spiced up, I guess.” Augustus fell silent again, thinking of his future. The disaster that his duel with that psychotic witch had turned into should never be repeated, he promised himself. Not only was it rather silly of him to even get carried away in something as cheaply emotional, it was also distracting from his main goal.

"I'm choosing the stereotypical Gryffindor occupation, I'm afraid. I just can't deny that the adrenaline rush from being an Auror will probably make up for the horrible assignments I might get." Frank even had his application all written up, just waiting to be sent in with a few letters of recommendation, his final grades, and his NEWT scores. He looked down at his hands, reminded of just how much time he would be putting into work just after leaving Hogwarts, unable to convince himself to take the year-off that his mother pushed for.

“You sure there’ll be enough adrenaline rush to at least keep you awake? I doubt Britain is in such a sorry plight to provide you or other Aurors with any sort of entertainment.” Augustus’ slight curiosity with the boy had increased during the last half an hour and he was now comfortable enough to converse with Frank without putting up a defensive wall of sarcasm.

Frank shrugged, biting back an automatic 'Rodolphus seems to think so,' something he would have said if Augustus didn't seem to be having problems with the other boy. "It's in fashion," he finally answered, simply. "...And if I need more of a rush, I'm sure I could take part in those 'occasional non-obligatory affairs' of yours."

Augustus rolled his eyes at the ‘fashion’ comment. “Please, I’d never think you were one to follow something as trite as fashion. I’ve come to putting more trust in you than that.” Augustus smirked again, amused by the other’s words. “And you’re welcome to partake in those affairs of mine… should you have the necessary qualifications, that is.”

Frank gave Augustus a playfully disbelieving look. "Oh? You trust me already? I'm honoured." He leaned closer to the other boy, speaking through a grin, "And what are these qualifications? I'm sure I have them, of course, I am perfect."

Augustus met Frank by leaning closer to him as well, their faces mere inches away from each other. “The ability to defy me,” he said quietly, keeping his eyes locked with the others. “And of course, the ability to understand me.”

"Defy you?" Frank asked, suddenly more interested. His eyes stayed sparkling though his grin faded. "Do you truly think you're so hard to understand, Rookwood?"

“I’ve been told I am an obscure, pretentious, sexist snob, Longbottom - and I’d say there is a grain of truth in all that.” The corners of Augustus’ lips crooked up slightly in a menacing smirk. “Dare to defy my irresistible charm.”

A moment past where Frank stayed still, staring at the other boy, before he leaned quickly away, head thrown back as he laughed. "Oh, very well. I have to defend the Gryffindor honour by taking any dare given me, you know." He gave Augustus a wicked look and slipped from his sitting position, standing and straightening out his robes. "It's been wonderfully amusing talking to you."

“My pleasure.” Augustus nodded slightly and kept sitting on the parapet, mind going over the strange encounter and the stranger conversation that followed. Ah, no need to think of it now. But Augustus smiled to his own thoughts, as he closed his eyes, and realized he could have another friend, perhaps just as intriguing as Rodolphus once was.

With a short wave of his hand Frank walked out, glancing around the hallway and shaking his head. His mission was accomplished, he decided--he had distracted Augustus from whatever had been bothering him long enough for the other boy to calm down. Sometimes Frank could almost believe the claims he was perfect. He stopped abruptly to laugh, then proceeded, pursing his lips to start whistling an upbeat tune once more.
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