Sirius Black (_grimlyfiendish) wrote in midnight__clear,
Sirius Black

Oh, pull the other one, Prewett

Who Sirius Black and Gideon Prewett
Where Dorm Room
Rating/Warning G, none

Gideon walked into the dorm, looking around and wondering where everyone was, what they were doing, and why they weren't where he could find them. Just then, he caught sight of Sirius and grinned wickedly. Flopping down next to his dormmate, he leaned in and whispered, "If you and Remus are going to shag while no one else is here, you might try opening the window or airing out the room or something. It's rather exasperating, coming in and smelling it...especially when I've not been invited."

Sirius was lounging on his bed, flipping through James’ latest copy of some muggle magazine about ‘moter engens’, amusing himself with the shiny, glossy pages and the way they felt between his fingers. Hand stilling on a page - men and their bikes - he felt the mattress dip beside his middle. Looking upward as a voice spoke in his ear, Sirius felt a slight blush of annoyance rise on the back of his neck at the fact that Gideon was so clearly insulting Remus’ virtue (well, not so much anymore, he thought with a little consideration), and the fact that he was stirring up supposed ‘lies’ (not that they were lies at all). “Oh, pull the other one, Prewett,” he muttered, letting the page fall.

Poking at the magazine picture, Gideon grinned again and said, "You and Remus seem to be pulling everything just fine, don't you know." Then, turning the page, Gideon pulls the magazine toward him and asks, "Is this James'? Has to be. What's that?" He points to what looks like some sort of thing with wheels and handles and such. Then, not waiting for an answer, he looks back at Sirius and practically cackles. "You're blushing - oh this is grand."

“I’m not blushing, I’m just pissed off,” Sirius muttered irritably, pulling the magazine from the other boy’s reach huffily. “And this is a ‘motercycle’. As soon as I get out of here and get myself a job, this will be the first thing I buy.” He sat up, crossing his legs underneath him on the mattress. “And I don’t think Remus would appreciate you talking about him like that.”

Peering at the picture again, Gideon nodded a bit, then smirked. "You're not going to tell him, are you? Because I think he'd be rather miffed that you didn't say something stronger than that when I brought it up - didn't deny it or tell me to bugger off. I win. You lose. You practically admitted it. Not that anyone could mistake that smell…” Then, his hand inching toward the pillows at the head of the bed, Gideon gave Sirius an arch look.

Sirius scowled, following Gideon’s arm and wondering what the hell he was playing at. He decided to voice this. “What the hell are you playing at? Prewett, you do not win, Remus and I aren’t… how could you… fuck off!

Gideon snatched up a pillow, whacking Sirius over the head with it before he admonished, "Language, Mr. Black. Language." Then, grinning wickedly, he finished, "And I'm not playing at anything. I'm just making a simple request. I'm sure Remus - who is by far the more intelligent of the two of you - must know a charm that will make the smell go away." He waggled his eyebrows, teasing mercilessly.

Blowing his dark fringe from his eyes, Sirius grabbed the pillow roughly from Gideon’s grasp and whacked him right back, twice as hard, before placing it back behind him at the head of the bed. “Don’t be so ridiculous,” he mumbled, picking up his magazine again. “I know you’d love to shag both of us but making up these silly rumours to feed your castle in Spain is rather sad,” he huffed haughtily, flicking a few more pages.

"Yes, yes, while I'd die of joy if I got the chance to shag either of you - or, God forbid, the both of you together at the same time - I'm not making this shit up. And you know it, which is why you're all red up the back of your neck." Gideon rubbed at the side of his head where the pillow hit, then just grinned. "Besides, the two of you are cute kissing in the stairwell and going to bed and whatnot. It's almost domestic."

Sirius narrowed his eyes to slits, though he was still staring at the pages open in his palm. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered eventually, shaking his head, fighting to keep a neutral expression on his face. He had promised Remus he would keep their relationship a secret - and besides, Gideon was only teasing. If he knew the extent of Remus and Sirius’ relationship he was sure the other boy would stop, and swallow his words. Because they would be reality, and if he was being honest, it wasn’t every day that you stumbled across a gay couple at Hogwarts.

Tilting his head to the side, Gideon gave Sirius a pat on the shoulder, then said, "You know, you don't have to worry about me yammering to anyone or anything. Gryffindors sticking together and all that."

Sirius turned to give Gideon a dirty look, but it died half-way on his face. “Like I said,” he said clearly, shrugging, “There’s nothing to ‘yammer’.”

"Right," Gideon muttered, taking the magazine from Sirius again and standing up. "Since there's nothing to yammer about to anyone, I should probably tell you that the stairwell's not a good place to kiss and make up."

“And let me add that standing that close to my bed is not a good idea if you don’t want to get kicked,” Sirius added in dryly, raising an eyebrow and relaxing back against his pillows, but making no move to actually reach out and kick the other boy.

"Sirius," Gideon mock-gasped. "I hadn't realized you cared. Since there was nothing to yammer about." Chuckling, he took a step back, just in case, and then tossed the magazine back to the other boy.

Sneering, Sirius caught the magazine just before it hit him in the face, reaching up for the rope to pull his curtains closed around him, enclosing him in darkness before he would reach for his wand and a lumos charm.

Snorting, Gideon called, "Elegant, Sirius. Very elegant." But he grinned as he headed for the door - maybe he could find Fabian or something. Or Remus. Remus would be fun to tease, too. But definitely not the way he teased Sirius. Remus might stop talking to him if he teased him like that. And he needed too much help with his charms for that.
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